About Our Founder

John Guttridge
President & Senior Consultant

John founded Brightworks Computer Consulting (then Black Box Computer Consulting) in 2004 as a one-man operation based in his dining room. John’s energy, technical expertise, and vision have developed Brightworks into a regional IT powerhouse with 16 employees and great potential for future growth.

John’s core technical competencies center on servers, networks, storage, and virtualization, and his core management competencies are strategic oversight and visioning.

A dynamic and creative thinker, John brings a vision of what could be to everything that he does and the energy required to make his visions reality. He has deeply involved himself in the ongoing redevelopment of downtown Ithaca. He serves on the Board of the Downtown Ithaca Alliance (where he chairs the Downtown Operations Committee), the Board of the State Theater of Ithaca, and is President of State Theater Foundation Board. He is also integral to the team of people that works to bring Wizarding Weekend to life.

Meet the Brightworkers

Evan Wray
Service Delivery Leader

Evan has always enjoyed the logic of interfacing with technology, beginning 37 years ago with a Kaypro (a large suitcase of a computer running a precursor to DOS). However, the connection with all of the people he helps, regardless of technology, brings him the most joy, whether the camaraderie at Brightworks or the satisfaction of helping non-profits and local businesses.  The technology is simply a reason for the personal interaction. Outside of work, Evan is an avid kickball player but he also enjoys gardening, hiking, biking, and spending time with his children.

Harold Flomerfelt
Support Technician

Harold’s first foray into exploring technology happened at age 12 when he took apart and re-assembled the new PC his grandparents had just given to him. Though some things have changed, Harold still enjoys the puzzles and discoveries of IT support. He was the company’s first hire in 2004, back when the company worked out of John’s home, and he rejoined the team in 2013. Harold’s interests include reading, sleeping, playing video games, and making digital art.

Heather Dengler
Director of Finance & HR

Heather is a long-time Brightworker, having joined the team in 2006.  She appreciates that Brightworks invests so strongly in its staff, and especially that her role encourages her to contribute to this core company value. Heather balanced her career with full-time student life at Cornell University, earning a degree in Human Development in 2018. In her free moments, she crafts, cooks amazing vegan food, and pets ALL of the cats.

Jade Dowd
Project Coordinator

Jade came to Brightworks with a Masters of Science in Print Media, saying about her years with printing presses, “What girl could turn down a chance to run a machine as big as a room?!” Here, she shares our passion for technology and investment in our clients’ futures. At Brightworks, she’s grown from thinking of servers and remote desktops a vague technology that existed in a magical land to real, tangible entities that she can investigate and discuss knowledgeably. Jade also enjoys crocheting, cooking, and scampering around Ithaca with her sweet little puppy, Pip.

Jeff Knight
Support Technician (Technical Alignment)

Jeff joined us in fall 2016. His interest in technology goes back to his childhood playing video games (and inevitably troubleshooting them). His favorite sort of tech work is anything that allows him to pull something apart and put it back together again. Beyond his continued love of video games, he attends local trivia nights, enjoys learning about history, reading Stephen King novels, and spending time with his wife, young child, and their menagerie. His favorite part of Brightworks is the constant learning (and the great food we share!).

Levi Adams
Professional Services Engineer

As an Integration Engineer at Brightworks since 2007, Levi focuses on advanced networking and infrastructure design. He began his career in systems administration with a B.A. in Network Administration from SUNY Alfred. He is a VMWare certified professional, as well as CompTIA Security+ and Network+. Levi provides senior-level infrastructure (server/ network) design guidance and technical implementation oversight for the project team. Past president of the Moravia Rotary Club (District 7150), Levi believes in the importance of community service and volunteering.

Megan Lumnah
Support Coordinator

Bio coming soon!

Meredith Collins
Office Manager

Meredith began collecting things to care for the moment she joined the Brightworks team as a dispatcher in the summer of 2015, starting with the aquarium. Now, as Office Manager, she enjoys taking care of the needs of Brightworks employees and many of our clients. She grew up with computers, particularly enjoying 1980s editions of Print Shop, and she relied on computer-based research when getting her degree in Victorian Literature. These days, she enjoys writing about hard cider for her blog Along Came A Cider and obsessing about cats and costume dramas.

Nathan Hall
Support Technician

Nathan came to Brightworks in the autumn of 2013 from the Finger Lakes ReUse ReSET program, and brings not only technical acumen but a holistic, client-focused approach to solving problems. He has become our in-house expert on QuickBooks, printing, and virus remediation. Nathan enjoys the camaraderie of working at Brightworks, as well as knowing that he supports non-profits that benefit our community. Nathan enjoys Star Trek, vintage video games, and remotely operating his robotic surrogate from home (wait… what?!).

Nicole Tedeyan
Administrative Operations & Client vCIO

Nicole has worn nearly every Brightworks admin hat, formally or informally, since she joined the company in 2012.  She is passionate about helping people and organizations use technology more appropriately and efficiently, so they can spend as little time as possible staring at glowing screens. When she herself is away from the glowing screen, she loves hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, camping, and traveling with her husband and young daughter.  Her favorite technology is the treadmill that powers her walking desk, followed closely by her smartphone that keeps her brain organized.  Nicole believes that the Brightworks mission allows clients and staff to spend their precious time and life energy wisely and meaningfully.

Taimur Gibson
Professional Services Engineer

Taimur was hooked on technology the first time he booted into DOS to play “Wing Commander: Privateer.” His IT career started at the Computing and Information Technology Department at SUNY Geneseo, while also studying Political Science. When asked what he likes about his job he says, “Brightworks is a place where I can feel good about the work I do. It feels good to support non-profits, schools, healthcare, and human services organizations. Brightworks and its clients come together like a community of people that support each other, and I genuinely enjoy the company of the people who are on my team.” Taimur is also active in the Ithaca Underground music and arts community.