Rates & Terms

Contract Rates

Brightworks offers fixed monthly contracts for IT support services.

For a estimate of what your contract might cost, please contact us at help@brightworks.cc.

Bonus points (and maybe some sweet Brightworks swag?*) if you provide (1) the number of staff associated with your organization and (2) a brief description of the IT systems they use.

*The only thing our clients love more than their Brightworks-branded coffee mugs? Our Help Desk service.

Terms of Service

  • Rates, Terms, and Conditions are subject to change without notice.
  • Not-for-profit discounts are applied to clients at Brightworks’s sole discretion. The client must prove not-for-profit status and apply to be serviced at the discounted rate. Upon acceptance, discount applies to future invoices only. Discount is only available for not-for-profits below a certain size. Contact Brightworks for more details.
  • All invoices are due on receipt unless other arrangements are made in advance.
  • Delinquent balances are subject to a 1.5% per month late fee. This fee will be compounded if the balance remains delinquent for multiple months. The full 1.5% is charged at 30 days and then at the beginning of each month thereafter.
  • Payment for hardware is collected upon acceptance of our proposal unless other terms have been negotiated. This payment will be held as a deposit on account in your name until the hardware arrives and then will be applied to any invoices for that hardware.
  • Returns are accepted only in the case of defective or incorrect products. Exceptions may be made at Brightworks’s sole discretion for other reasons. Restocking fees may apply.
  • Brightworks stands behind our workmanship. However, we cannot guarantee that problems will not resurface. We aim to resolve the root cause of a problem when we work on a system. If we make an error that requires a return visit, that return visit will be free of charge.
  • Brightworks is not responsible for consequential or indirect damages of any kind. The limit of our liability in any situation shall not exceed the value of any invoices issued to you from us.

Last updated: August 21, 2017