Our Mission & Guiding Principles

What makes Brightworks stand above the rest?

It’s our mission – not the computers or the servers – that brings us to work each day.

Our Mission:

Brightworks exists to demonstrate and expand the power of small local organizations to do meaningful work.

Our Core Values:

We are…

…Systems Seers
We see the relationships between elements of a complex puzzle: the complete picture and how the smaller pieces fit together. Our perspective guides us to know what is most important, right now and in the future. We approach our work with an open mind, avoiding unnecessary judgments before fully understanding a situation.

…Roll Up Your Sleeves

We enthusiastically own our work. We are driven and motivated to pick up the proverbial shovel and unafraid to start digging. We humbly engage in work that others might judge to be below them or not directly tied to our personal success.

…Positive Pragmatists
We choose to maintain a positive, “can do” demeanor, even (especially!) in suboptimal or challenging circumstances. We focus our energy on improving a situation, not on complaints, frustration, or fear. Sanguinity gives us faith that we will get past the current obstacles, and the experience will make us better for it.

The relationship between the three core values is captured in this unifying principle:

Meet Them Where They Are, And Bring Them Forward

Brightworkers see the big picture – the actual state of things and how the pieces fit together with one another – then engage in the hard work to make it what it needs to be. In order to do this consistently and fully, Brightworkers must choose to act as if our actions will make a difference, and that the end result will be a colleague, client, or situation that is in a better state than it was before.