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Like any relationship, it’s about the fit.

After more than 10 years refining our business model, we know the type of client that makes us tick.

They’re the folks who say things like –

    1. I’m so tired of fighting with my computer! I want to be more productive and less stressed about my organization’s technology.
    2. I worry about information security.  If our computers went down, we would be in trouble.  If they came back up without our business’s data, we would be in BIG trouble!
    3. I like engaging with vendors who care about their work as much as I care about mine.  I’d enjoy an IT business relationship that asks me to stay involved and engaged.
    4. This isn’t my first rodeo.  I take the long-term view, and I’m ready to do this right.
      1. That means I value upfront investment in technology solutions, because I want something that works, is stable, and isn’t constantly breaking.
      2. I really want to avoid buying something that “sort of” works, dealing with constant interruptions and frustrations, and paying more in the end.
    5. My organization uses Microsoft-licensed servers and Windows-based computers.

Does this sound like you and your organization?

Then we can’t wait to hear from you… and to welcome you to the Brightworks family of clients.